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Leadership, in our view, is the art and skill of empowering self and others to achieve a common outcome in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way. We train our owners to lead from behind so that their team and organization is not dependent on them
This takes significant levels of practice and training and needs to happen not just at the level of management but all the way through the organization.
At BGS we teach you how to lead your organization in a transparent and empowering way. The value of your asset continues to improve until it’s duplicatable, saleable or good to hold as a cash generator.


At BGS we recommend following the philosophy
“Systemise the rule and humanize the exception”
Depending on the industry the most you can probably systemize is about 80% and for this to be effective it cannot be a manual on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. These antiquated types of systems can cost a fortune in time and money. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to systemise everything, this is very difficult, expensive and demoralizing for many staff members.
Based in Auckland, NZ, at BGS our consultants ensure your team is empowered with the skills, resources, and authority to act on their own initiative in circumstances where a system is either too hard or impractical


A business must be sustainable in every sense of the word. Heavy dependence on the owner, particular staff and particular social or economic environments is unsustainable and represents a risk to the businesses long term viability

A business must be constantly reinventing itself to remain relevant in today’s fast-moving world, its survival literally depends on it. BGS clients are guided towards allocating a portion of time and money resources to this process. We use the Business Model Canvas from Stratagyzer to empower our clients to “think outside their box”

Of course environment, social and economic sustainability are all essential components of a companies strength and resilience in a world of turmoil.


We feel that many organizations approach this topic as optional, and “if we have time” which inevitably never comes. Sustainability means personally, socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable.

At BGS we believe that growth should be symmetrical (ish) in a business. So to be sustainable we grow the 5 key areas roughly to the same levels at the same time. For example, there is no point being excellent at sales and bad at delivery, it’s better to be average at both. With our guidance, we will grow each area of your small or large business with proper business management planning templates to the same level before moving on to the next stage.

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