Teams That Liberate The Owner


Most business owners hire randomly based on immediate need – an approach that will keep the business stuck in the mud.

At BGS we first map out the future of the business, then decide the skills and human inputs necessary to create that future. The strategy is complete when we have linked our HR Strategy to our company business management strategies and chosen the order of development.


At BGS we are very pragmatic about employment, and encourage all our clients to be compliant and describe the full set of desired outcomes and measures in the position descriptions, this is the key to hiring and retaining great people.

We find there is a lot of myth and fear around the hiring process, when in fact its very well set out by the government, and indeed the law supports a positive working relationship 100%. But the key to achieving this is to do all the paperwork properly, and follow all procedures. We ensure the position and its expectations are clearly laid out in the beginning, measure performance and hold people to account for achieving those expectations. In this way you create a workforce that is profitable!


It is especially gratifying to move to the next stage of a good team when the goals of the company are linked to the rewards your team receives.

The term “bonus” is way too simplistic in this fast-paced world of “solotrapranuers”, laptop millionaires, and gen X, Y, Z’ers. It is a major achievement to produce an environment where the team is producing what the company needs AND living the life of their desires as well.

At BGS consulting firm in Auckland, we show our business owners how to create a team environment that “pulls” the company towards success – quite a relief to the owner who is used to having to PUSH everything themselves.


If you reach the ultimate goal of becoming ‘scalable’ you will realize that the conversation for building teams of teams is an exciting one.

At BGS we will show you how to structure your business to ensure the ultimate environment of WIN-WIN-WIN! That is a win for you and win for your “franchisees” and a win for the people in their business.

If you have a product the market wants and a business currently generating value in that market, you can scale!!
Let the games begin!

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