The Engine Room Of Your Business


We consider the budget to be the core for every small and large business – and also the key to a business owner’s PEACE OF MIND!

We all know that horrible feeling of waking up at 2 am worrying about the wages or tax bill coming up!

One of the very first things you need to gain perspective, power, and peace of mind in your businesses is a well-crafted budget – as boring and sometimes irrelevant as this may seem, it is, in fact, the total opposite – it is the engine by which the business creates profit. This is the whole point! Believe it or not many businesses do not relate to life this way and get lost in delivery, product, and ego.


Many owners think that the market sets the price, and to some degree they are right. Most businesses undervalue the service or product they provide OR they overdeliver!

Both of these scenarios will have you working hard for little, no or negative return. If you can’t make a profit from the market you are in then you’re in the wrong market OR the market is not viable. It’s best to know this upfront and on paper before you lose the shirt off your back trying to prove me wrong!

At BGS we show business owners how to price right for-profit and ensure customers experience fantastic value for their money


At BGS we show you how to use the same resources and deliver more value for you, the owners in business

This is a simple question with a complex answer, we find that often markets (and businesses) can go from low or no profit to very profitable simply by changing the WAY we do business with a particular market.

Let us make sure you have the income and security you need to move to the next level of business by choosing the right financial forecasting and loan model in Auckland, NZ.


I think we all would like to leave a legacy at some level, what happens to the businesses when you permanently become ‘unavailable’ will the business live on or fade away with you?

This affects the business at many levels staff, customers and benefactors all of whom could be affected by your planning (or lack thereof)

At BGS we build into your strategic business plan a way that the business eventually becomes a legacy business that can live on doing the good you intended long after you don’t want to or are unable to be involved.

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