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We can improve the quality of lead we generate AND reduce the cost of advertising by being very clear about our target customer. We have a process we lead all our Marketing customers through that clearly defines two key areas of customer data: Demographics: This is easy – Age, Sex, Income level, and the basic information relevant to our target.

Psychographics: This is not so easy, but arguably most important: Put simply this is what makes your target tick. What do they want when looking for your type of products and services? What problems are they trying to solve and what do they most care about when comparing your products to others?

We use a very quantitative method to answer these and many other questions that will improve the quality of results you are getting from your marketing.


Another important thing to understand is where (and when) does your target consume their media? With enormous quantities of Social and other media to choose from, it can be an expensive mistake choosing the wrong media.

At BGS we understand this fully before investing in a media strategy – we show our clients how to get better results for less money invested!


So often we see companies investing huge time and money developing assets like websites and social followings without any specific sales pathway they are guiding their target down.

This is just a big waste!

Located in Auckland, at BGS, we design the sales pathway BEFORE we invest a single cent on the asset itself. This way the investment is more likely to produce the desired effect and generate useable, qualified leads


Marketing has two functions:

One is to find the customers you want and the other is to exclude the customers you don’t want (who inevitably waste your time and money)
Think of your sales process as a filter – the more efficient the filter the better the end result.

BGS consultants will show you how to design and build sales pipelines that work!

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