• Not all business is good business!
• Many small business owners live in a scarcity mindset
and undervalue themselves.
• If you allow it the market will take advantage of you!


The work you take on will pull the company in the direction of that kind of work and that kind of customer. You best be sure that is the business future you want! OF COURSE, we must keep production going, and do work to pay the bills, but at BGS consulting firm we don’t let temporary work choices change your strategic direction. If you have marketed the right product to the right people (see marketing) converting these leads is much easier. Your job is to get them to sign and this is best done using our proven sales tactics.


There are many ways you can make a fair return for your product or service. Often it takes some careful work to establish the market tolerance for price and the presentation of that product or service in a way that offers good value to both the customer and the business.
Usually, if a customer thinks the price is too high the marketing and sales process has failed to completely explain the value proposition. All too often small business owners spend the majority of their time building a great product or service and very little time explaining that to the prospect in a way that makes them want to buy FROM YOUR COMPANY!
BGS will provide a training to show you how to present your product or service to the company in such a way that makes purchasing from you a “no brainer” decision AND delivers a great profit to the company.


It costs a lot less to sell to existing customers vs. finding new customers so investing in a way to keep in touch with your customers and having an offering that appeals to a LONG TERM CUSTOMER just makes sense! Located at Auckland, NZ, at BGS our advisor will show you how to do this effectively and the rewards will be yours, making sure you keep your customers coming back is a priority for good quality businesses. Also by having a book of repeat customers, you are adding asset value to your business.


The ONLY reason to have a guarantee is to assist in converting prospects into customers, and most small business owners fail to mention their guarantee at this crucial stage. Most small business owners are rightfully proud of what they do, and would not think twice about backing up their product or service. Make sure you sing this from the rooftops!

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