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Roland Meissner

“In January my business dived after a very fruitful three to four years. That’s when I had a chat with Courtney, Strategic Consultant for Business Growth Stratagem and the creator of BizCoLab Strategic Growth Community. I engaged with him to help strategise my business. Courtney helped me see the value in what I was delivering. Although there is a program to get through, he doesn’t push but rather adapts the weekly lessons to my speed and pace of learning. He is very intuitive and thinks about solutions for my business even when I’m not. Because there are tasks to be done as a process, Courtney is also my accountability partner so I get to do and learn along the way. Courtney has definitely got the formula for making a business successful if all the pieces are put in place according to the 5 step masterplan. He comes highly recommended.”

Kevin SatoRoland Meissner