Most owners start their small businesses with the grand dream of having control of their time and earning more while doing less. And then they’re met with the harsh reality of how hard it is to run a small business: countless hours working on your business, constant stress, and the uncertainty of whether all of your efforts will generate results. The worst part: you try to seek expert help and realise that it’s either too expensive for you, or it doesn’t work for your type of business. 

What if we tell you that there is an affordable way to make your small business work for you?


Work less and generate more revenue by having a helping hand that understands your specific needs and circumstances. We’ve applied all the things we learned from working with small businesses to create a new, clever way of making effective growth strategies ACCESSIBLE and APPLICABLE for small businesses. 

Make your business work for you through strategic planning and the BizCoLab Strategic Growth Community’s signature brand of business support. 



Hear what our clients have to say…

"In January my business dived after a very fruitful three to four years. That's when I had a chat with Courtney, Strategic Consultant for Business Growth Stratagem and the creator of BizCoLab Strategic Growth Community. I engaged with him to help strategise my business. Courtney helped me see the value in what I was delivering. Although there is a program to get through, he doesn't push but rather adapts the weekly lessons to my speed and pace of learning. He is very intuitive and thinks about solutions for my business even when I'm not. Because there are tasks to be done as a process, Courtney is also my accountability partner so I get to do and learn along the way. Courtney has definitely got the formula for making a business successful if all the pieces are put in place according to the 5 step masterplan. He comes highly recommended."

Roland Meissner LoveYourBrand

"Before working with Courtney, Strategic Consultant for Business Growth Stratagem and creator of BizCoLab Strategic Community, I was working crazy hours and was undercharging for my services. Courtney took me through a holistic growth strategy that looked at everything from how I managed my finances, to my marketing and HR needs. Courtney helped me raise my prices and hire some help. I had the most profitable 3 months I’ve ever had with his support. The best thing about working with Courtney is that he really cares. I highly recommend working with Courtney - his strategic advice and support is a game-changer."

Kat Corbett Shaking Trees


We bring big business ideas to the small business community. The BizCoLab Strategic Growth Community combines education, experts, and a great community of small business owners in one network!

From being a liability, turn your business into an asset through strategic planning with the help of our Senior Growth Strategist and Small Business Expert, Courtney Pearce. Enjoy our unique brand of business support – we don’t just create the plan, we work on the business with you! 

Get access to affordable strategic planning through group sessions that are specifically designed to be close-knit to ensure that plenty of attention is given to each business and their specific needs.


Joining the BizCoLab Strategic Growth Community gives you access to a whole suite of resources that you need to win in your small business: 

  • A free strategic planning session – worth $200 – with our Senior Growth Strategist, Courtney Pearce from Business Growth Stratagem  to discuss about your needs and where we can help in your business
  • Affordable group coaching in the five key areas of business: marketing, sales, operations, finance, and scalability 
  • Exclusive rates for our premium courses and paid programmes
  • Free instructional videos for key business processes 
  • Free templates and business tools such as our business forecaster
  • Free access to our exclusive online platform with evergreen articles, small business news, and application guides for grants and support


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