The practice of MARKETING – BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT! Many businesses believe “any and every customer is a good customer” but this is not true, usually, the top 20% of your customers are earning you 80% of your business revenue.

Our business coaching can help you to improve the profitability and scalability of your business by targeting more and more ideal customers in Auckland, NZ.

Talking to the right people will make it easier to sell them your product as well as easier to deliver them value and get paid a decent price

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The Practice of SALES – Learn how to convert your leads into high quality paying customers. They are the type of customers willing to (promptly) pay the right price.

There are always people who want what you have but are not willing to pay your price; these people are not your customers. They also usually end up being the hardest to keep happy!

Our business consultants will show your company how to sell in a way that will truly change your entire business world.

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The Practice of OPERATIONS – Every business owner knows the feeling of being the first to work, last to leave and the last to get paid. Long hours, big risks, and constant juggling of priorities take its toll. And the wrong hire can make all this way worse.

Hiring the right people for the right positions in the company needs a strategic vision and a good understanding of the practicalities of being an employer. Use your team to “pull” your company towards the goals you have made for the business.

With the right culture and environmental conditions in your business, a high performing team will consistently deliver value to both the customer and the company with minimal intervention until you learn this you will be stuck doing everything!

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The practice of FINANCE – Practiced well, Finance can be used to give your businesses a powerful guidance system, your roadmap to success. Also, it gives the owner peace of mind and FREEDOM to manage the business from anywhere!

This strategy can be used to guide productivity decisions, manage cash requirements, predict profitability, and motivate the entire organization to achieve the same goals.

Ultimately your financial strategy will predict (making some reasonable assumptions) how much money you will make in a year, and our clients usually succeed at or exceed these predictions

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The practice of SCALABILITY – You are like the head of a Dragon where your focus goes the organization follows. The destiny of your business literally lies in your head. So we say look after and train yourself, as we have never seen a business breakthrough that has not been preceded by a breakthrough in the head of the dragon!

The majority of businesses I see initially are liabilities – they consume the owner’s time and energy AND often put the owner’s personal assets at risk, all for little or no return! The end game we help create for all BGS clients is to be scalable. That is, a sane person would pay cash for your business or you can keep it as a low input cash generator. The peak of business is when you can duplicate it to become a business asset sold like “franchise”.

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