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How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep With Good Cash Management?

Cash is probably the number one cause of stress, worry, and anxiety for smaller business owners, which is natural when cash dictates the success or failure of any smaller business. Studies by the ANZ bank shows that up to 82% of small businesses fail because of cashflow problems.

About Us

We are expert smaller business consultants who provide support and educate smaller business owners in aspects of their business that they are struggling with. Collectively, we’ve been working in the small business industry for over 20 years and understand the challenges of running a smaller business we are a small business ourselves.

Our services include strategic planning, business development, and educational resources for smaller business owners. We work WITH YOU in the five key areas of business: marketing, sales, operations, finance, and scalability. Our clients experience an average of 50% growth per annum – with some even reaching 300%!

Success: Solid Plan, Leadership, Action & Accountability

There is no straightforward path to success. Let me just put that out there right away. It is a winding road, and most of the times you don’t see where you are heading. In my years of being a smaller business consultant helping many small businesses grow, I have lived by an effective formula for success.

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As a smaller business owner, you are the master of your ship. Everything starts with you. The way your business is running is a reflection of your leadership skills.
Effective leaders know The team’s real motivation. Why do we want to do what we do? It also requires you to be mindful of your strengths and weaknesses. Doing so will help you hire a well-rounded group of people.

Managing Your Finances During Crisis

The economic climate has certainly changed and the uncertainty on how long this pandemic will have made many smaller business owners worried about surviving. At this point, it is crucial to know your financial position, forecast its movement, and plan for any possible scenario.

Marketing Spend: How to Attract More People with Less Money

With the pandemic affecting economics globally, is it worth marketing at this time, is it wise to spend on marketing right now? Truthfully, yes. But it requires a different approach; this is when strategic marketing is most important. Strategic marketing, in a nutshell, is coming up with a plan that focuses on long-term goals and executing an effective strategy to reach these goals.